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API 500-6B

Pan 60 Interview with API

April 26, 2010

Pan60 - Is there a reason why the newer API Lunchboxes® have a newer beefier power supply from the older? API - Yes – there is! It’s the serial number. (Ha!) Here’s the scoop: In December of 2006, we re-designed the power supply of the API Lunchbox® to accommodate a larger AC transformer to supply more overall current for the Lunchbox. The prior transformer was a PCB-mount (printed circuit board) device, whereas the replacement is a toroid transformer with wires that are soldered to the PCB. This was the largest transformer that we could find that would fit into the Lunchbox without modifying the enclosure. The new power supply boards were installed in Lunchboxes in Jan. or Feb., 2007 with serial number 501.2352 and higher. All Lunchboxes after that number have the most recent power transformer in them – (the “wire-toroid” as we call it). If you want to be absolutely sure that the Lunchbox you are looking at has the wire-toroid, and you don’t trust the serial number, simply remove the 5 front panel screws and look into the power supply area. If you see a white round transformer with colored wires coming out of it – it is the most current capable Lunchbox that we make. While we don't believe there is anything wrong with older Lunchboxes, there are some 500 series devices out there that want to suck up more milli-amps than their neighbors – that specification being 130mA (milli-amps) per 500 Series slot. pan60 - Should a new API Lunchbox®, verses the old, be a major concern, to the consumer looking at getting into the 500 format? API - No, if the consumer can be educated about the current draw of their 500 format cards and stay within the known limitations, there should be no reason for concern. pan60 - Aside from simply having a bit more current available, for some of the high current draw units, are there any major differences? API - There have been rumors that there are differences in the Lunchbox units that have a back-plane revision on the main board. If you look into an empty Lunchbox, below card slot #4 you will see either a Rev --- or a Rev B- in the text. The only difference between the two is the thickness of the printed circuit board back-plane motherboard – provided by a different board manufacturer. It is the same power supply, same circuit, and the same performance. Operationally, they are exactly the same. There is no reason to favor one over the other. pan60 - How will the consumer know they are getting 500 format products they can feel will work reliably in the API Lunchbox or Racks without reason for concern? API - Check out the VPR Alliance list posted on the API website at http://www.apiaudio.com/vpr_alliance.html . There you will find a list of units that have been tested to meet the VPR Alliance specification. Check the list regularly, as new companies are regularly submitting their products for approval. There are, of course, companies that claim to meet the specification but do not show-up on the list. While those products may, in fact, meet the specification, the company has, for whatever reason, chosen not to submit their product for inclusion in the VPR Alliance. Since the job of ‘policing the system’ by API is just too overwhelming, our only choice is to state the following: If a 500 series product is not on the list, we can NOT recommend or condone their use with API® products – and the API 5 year warranty will not be supported. This is done not to punish other manufacturers of 500 Series gear – it’s done to protect any apprehension that might arise from the sizeable user base of dedicated 500 Series customers and artists that depend on the quality and reliability that the format provides. Thanks for asking. Good luck with your purchase.  __________________ API 8301 Patuxent Range Rd Jessup, MD. 20794 301-776-7879 "Let's Be Discrete"


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