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THE SPECK ASC-V EQ Pan60 Review I hate eq's, i love eq's, i can never decide if i like-'em or not, but..... i know it never fails i need one nomatter what i do or how i track and sometimes i just want some mojo! so Vince at speck sent me one of his eq's to review and as always i had to do it. The Speck ASC-V Vince sent arrived in good order and well packed. This EQ has some nice options you generally will not see. To start you can use this as a stand alone (with the optional power system), you can choose between transformer balanced or active-balanced output (nice). The choice of a transformer balanced or active-balanced output is simple and straight forward. Simply pull the small black caps off the pins and move them over (as the diagram indicates), push them back on the other set of pins. I was able to make this change with my fingers, (and I have large fingers), but some may find tweezers a bit easier to use. I used my OSA 500 form rack so I did not get the optional power supply but it looks to be very straight forward. I can not see anyone having any issues with it in a stand alone operation. Now to the build:) I love gear with a good build quality, just love it. The unit is closed up, I like that, no worries about bumping or hitting something on the way in or out. The captive screws are also a very nice touch. Not only can you keep up with them but they offer something to hold when pulling the card, another plus. The knobs have a much better feel than I had expected, nice, tight, a good solid feel. I really did not expect this for the price. As well there are detents on the unity gain positions. The push buttons are a little tough for my big fingers to get to, but they feel nice, and remember I have large fingers. Also a note here, this thing is packing a lot of features for such limited acreage, so it is expected things will be tight. I opened this baby up to take a look inside and wow, it is nice and tidy, clean, very nice, very nice. The captive screws are also a very nice touch. Okay so how dose it sound. This is a very clean and neutral EQ. I was very surprised the transformer did not impart more color, very neutral. If you are looking at an EQ that will add color or maybe that mystical mojo this aint it, but, if you need an EQ that does not leave its stain on what you already have (other than the job of course), then this is big time it! I ran some vocals, having cut some problem issues, it still sounds like what I had captured minus the issues. Boost the top, add some air, but forget the color, just air:) On the bottom, well nice, fat, you get more bottom. I cut, I boosted, and I tweaked, and I want this EQ. If you are looking for a EQ that is neutral and does the job this is it. You've track and got the sound you want you just need a bit of tweaking. Well I am not a big EQ fan, but I cannot see how anyone could move forward without one of these EQ's. Very nice Speck! So what did I not like hmmmm. Well I really did not expect I would like this EQ as much as I do, but I do and it is hard to find fault in a product that delivers what it is suppose to in all areas for me, build, sound, and service. I did not really like the little plugs (or caps, also called "shunts" or "shorting jumper"), to go from transformer balanced to active-balanced. Aside from my big hands causing issues I can just see me dropping one of these and it's gone ... forever. I would have preferred to see a dip switch or something else there instead. Suggestion, ask for a couple extra caps and put them in a drawer some where for safe keeping when you order this EQ (and you will want one of these).


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