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A Designs Audio EM-PEQ Review Pan60 I had one here for about a month to check out, ( I would still have it but it was needed back as they were not in production yet ) and aside from the sweet top this thing just blew me away in it's ability to handle the bottom!!!!!! Talk about putting some sweet sweet ass in the bottom - Wow! I generally do not go too heavy on the bottom but this thing sounded so sweet it was like a siren, ( a dangerously fascinating woman who's singing lures seafarers to certain destruction and death ) calling a sailor, it's hypnotic. I tried sculpting a few sources and just loved this thing the way it made things set. I did not want to send it back. When they are available I will, read my lips, will have one! And if my wife isn't looking maybe two. Well, I have waited for what seems like forever and finally I have it!? Wow, wow! boom!!!!!! Oh and once again let me say - talk about putting some sweet sweet ass in the bottom, wow, what a bottom she has! This thing sounds so sweet, it is like a siren, calling a sailor, it's hypnotic! A siren: ( a dangerously fascinating woman who's singing lures seafarers to certain destruction and death ). I absolutely love the new look.? The new units have some very ergonomic knobs that are very very nice looking and very functional. I have large hands and large fingers, but still there are no issues, tight, but, perfection. A very elegant and sweet solution for what is only a limited amount of acreage. As I have mentioned the bottom is a must hear to believe and the rest is creamy smooth. I have been running vocals through this for some time now and it still just blows me away. Pulled some sssssss's out of a vocal track just the other day, push the top a bit and wow, I just love it. If you have a 500 form rack or lunch box, you need this EQ! Just get!!!!!!! If you do not have a 500 format lunchbox or rack - get one! A-Designs has a big winner with this. I want to mention a few things I feel are required for me to like a product or company. 1 ) service 2 ) quality 3 ) the sound If the service sucks - well I do not get the gear! If the quality sucks - well I do not get the gear! and if the sound sucks, okay you get it - I do not get the gear! So how does the A-Designs and the EM-PEQ stack up? Well they get top billing from me on service, on quality, and on sound. I got this one having placed my order when I first heard about them, so glad I did. I heard the first run is sold out so I feel special now : ) I was told retail would be $1,450.00 I think MAP is $1,250.00, for this at that price you really need to take a look. Not sure about street but you can always haggle with the dealers on your own. Thanks pan60 P.S. It has been some time since I first started writing about my thoughts on this EQ. Now it has been for some time, ( a bit over a year now ) I have to say I love it more now than when I first got it! And yes I do still plan on adding yet another to my rack! Also just a note, watch for news reviews to be posted here very soon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It has been some time, and, at last, I have been able to add a second. The A-Designs EM- PEQ. I just love this EQ! The A-Designs EM-PEQ drips with MOJO, like a bone chew-in dog drools!!!! From my perspective, this is a must have for any 500 format lover.


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