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About Bob Green A lifelong musician, project studio owner, and engineer. He spent time partnered in an audio rental company/recording studio that provided support for touring artists in the Alaska market, while at the same time performing with his own band. While never giving up his day job working for a communications company, he also served stints as a monitor engineer, FOH, lighting director, and if the need arose, roadie. “There is no job to big or too small that I don’t appreciate for its importance in the making of the final product.


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Pro Audio Reviewers / Interviewers

Ken Morgan, the owner/operator of Wireline Studio in Midland TX,

has been involved in the music business on both sides of the glass and

in live performance for most of his life.  Although an accomplished

guitarist, Ken focuses the lion’s share of his time engineering, tracking,

producing, and other studio events for indie artists, songwriter demos,

major label Tejano acts, or anyone that has a musical message they

want captured and treated.  Ken has been a steady contributor for

selected online and print magazines focusing on independent artists, a

respected gear reviewer, and part-time forum moderator.  He and his

wife Deborah are very active in the American Indian community.  For

more information, please visit Ken’s website at www.wirelinestudio.com.