high boss, here is a start for us.

AML  54F50

so AML lets chat a bit about not just your new comp but the roots of this compressor as a whole.  can you give some history as to the roots of the Neve 2254 compressors?

understanding, the 54F50 comp is a three slot wide 500 format unit, so in that sense of the word it it modeled after a 2254, but is it more or less a clone?

what was the thought process behind choosing which specific 2254 to clone and or model?

okay so what made you really want to do this 54F50 comp?  

so very glad you did what ever the reply! ; )

as i understand the 2254 is a diode bridge gain reduction type compressor, can you educate us on that a bit?

explain just what it is and how it works.

why do you think these have been somewhat of a sleeper in the comp world?  it seems many know and love them and a number of never heard of them, where they made in small numbers?

why the lack of a attack time and do you feel that is a drawback in anyway?

can you go over the functions as they relate to being linked?

why did you choose the 500 format for these?

so glad you did i personally think it is a awesome idea!

these 54F50 compressor of your are heavy heavy heavy, what the heck did you put in these? everything LOL!

very nice build!!!

very nice to have the cover plate offered for the new API lunchboxs as well, very cool nice look!