i had one here for about a month to check out, ( i would still have it but it was needed it back as they were not in production yet ) and aside from the sweet top this thing just blew me away in it's ability to handled the bottom!!!!!!

talk about putting some sweet sweet ass in in the bottom, wow!

i generally do not go to heavy on the bottom but this thing sounded so sweet it was like a siren, ( a dangerously fascinating woman who's singing lures seafarers to certain destruction and death ) calling a sailor, it's hypnotic,

i tried sculpting a few sources and just loved this thing the way it made things set.

i did not want to send it back.

when they are available i will read my lip's will have one!

and if my wife isn't looking maybe two.

well i have waited for what seems like forever and finally i have it!  

wow what a bottom she has, wow! boom!!

love the new look.  

if you have a 500 form rack or lunch box, you need a eq?

just get !

i got this one for 1200.00 but i placed my order when i first heard about them, so glad i did.

i heard the first run is sold out so i feel special now : )

i was told retail would be 1500.00


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